21-25 August 2017 · Sarajevo, Olympic mountain Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
21-25 August 2017
Introducing: First edition
Sarajevo, Olympic mountain Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
BSIG 2017 Outcome document

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Why Balkan School on Internet Governance?

The significant role and impact the Internet has on social, educational, cultural, legal, economic, and political aspects of society around the world is evident in the development of the Balkan countries in particular as well. Participation records show a significant lack of community’s participation in global Internet governance policy spaces. Disproportion representation between Balkan and other European countries is also evident, as the attendance statistics of the past 11 years of the global Internet Governance Forum (IGF) demonstrate, for instance. This leads to consequences such as the lack of substantive participation in bottom-up IG processes and disengagement in building the program of major IG events (e.g. no or very few workshop proposal submissions, very low number of participants in situ or online…

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