21-25 August 2017 · Sarajevo, Olympic mountain Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Selected Fellows CLASS 2017

Meet the twenty-five (25) applicants awarded with the BSIG 2017 Fellowship – CLASS 2017:


Ivana Ivković
Serbia - Academia, Government

15 years experience in public sector and diplomacy in the Republic of Serbia (still ongoing), and international nongovernment organizations. A political scientist for International Relations (focus on the Western Balkan). A philosopher with the PhD title since 2016 – Belgrade University. Explored mostly John Rawls & Hannah Arendt, and currently observing the developments of the Internet through the eyes of a philosopher.

Domen Savič
Slovenia - Technical community

(1981) focusing on developing long-term projects related to digital rights, communication privacy and digital security, media regulation, and active citizen participation.

Georgios Kourogiorgas
Greece - Academia, Technical community

LL.M. student of IP/ICT Law at KU Leuven – Blue Book Trainee at DG CONNECT, European Commission

Driart Elshani
Kosovo* - Academia, Civil society, Technical community

A university professor and PhD in ICT teaching courses about Internet and security. Served as director of e-Governance in Kosovo. A strong advocate of Internet governance and net neutrality.

Elif Sert
Turkey - Academia

Traveler, yogi, scuba diver, artificial intelligence and privacy research addict, prospected Berkeley Law ICT master student – who is amazed by the Internet people!

Adam Kume
Albania - Business/private sector

Experienced Web Developer working for a multi-national IT company. Tech enthusiast informed about latest industry trends. After completing M.Sc. in Electronics Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Tirana with excellent results, he started 3 months internship in an international IT consulting company in Italy, where he later got employed as a Web Developer for Tirana branch. When not coding, he enjoys sports, exploring nature, and listening to the music.

Haris Tanković
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Academia, Business/private sector

Based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He works as a software developer and in parallel is getting a Master’s degree at Software Engineering.

Aleksandrina Banusheva
Bulgaria - Academia, Business/private sector, Government, Technical community

IT lawyer with a healthy passion on everything related to technology, digital rights, IoT, privacy and data protection. Previous practical experience in the IT legal sphere in different fields including the non-profit (International Cyber Investigation Training Academy), academic (Tilburg Institute for Law and Technology), business (Philips B.V.), and public field (Europol; Commission for Personal Data Protection).

Jelena Malešević
Serbia - Business/private sector

Future corporate lawyer, adventurous spirit, hedonist and ultimately – supporter of the idea that our destiny is solely in our hands.

Enis Karaarslan
Turkey - Academia

An Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Engineering of Mugla Sitki Kocman University, Turkey. He stablished NetSecLab – Computer Networks and Security Lab for network/security education and research. My research areas are computer networks, security, privacy, health informatics, and mobile computing.

Albion Bylykbashi
Albania - Academia

Soon Master of Science degree in Telecommunication Engineering. Founder of “Gjimnazistet.al” – a project that through the Internet offers Albanian high school students possibility to learn Math ‘whenever and wherever they want’. An ambitious, tolerant, funny, and easy going person. 🙂 His professional and hobby-like activities are closely connected to the Internet, so he sees the BSIG as a fantastic opportunity to learn the rules that govern and/or should govern the Internet.

Amina Hodžić
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Academia, Civil society

Davis UWC Scholar and Bennington College student studying Liberal Arts and Sciences. Working at Bennington College as IT junior support specialist for three years now. Was an intern at different non-gov organizations in BiH and Croatia, with focus on community development and different aspects of governance. Interned at the Japan America Socety of Chicago gaining experience in bilateral relations in governance of multicultural communities.

Danica Čelebić
Montenegro - Business/private sector, Civil society

Contrast is my middle name: a realistic dreamer, fan of mythology and modern technology, an adventurer, and a nature lover.

Su Sonia Herring
Turkey - Academia, Civil society, Media & journalism

Internet policy researcher, editor, and translator. Focus areas: FoE online, state censorship and surveillance, privacy, media literacy, and grassroots capacity building – especially in Turkey and Southeast Europe. Council of Europe, Media & Internet division trainee (2017-2018), organizing member of Youth IGF Turkey, ISOC IGF 2016 Ambassador, Assistant Curator for DiploFoundation’s Geneva Internet Platform Digital Watch Observatory. Fun fact: professional singer who loves to dance.

Andrada Persu
Romania - Business/private sector

Andrada is a lawyer based in Cluj-Napoca. Member of the Romanian Bar Association since 2014, with a LLM in International and Comparative Business Law. So far, her work has been primarily concentrated on offering consulting services for business in Transylvania and working in the field of data protection and IT law.

Maja Čalović
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Civil society, Media & journalism
Radostina Takova
Bulgaria - Government

An expert with the Commission for Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Bulgaria, interested in everything related to privacy, data protection, data transfers, and modern technology. When not at work, she enjoys exploring nature, taking photos with her camera, and reading her favourite books.

Filip Vukovinski
Croatia - Business/private sector, Civil society, Technical community

Business, technology, and creative consultant. Activist, youth worker, speculative designer, filmmaker. Independent scholar of concurrency and communication in complex systems, and a long-time Internet, technology and science policymaking enthusiast.

Aleksandra Ignatoski
Croatia - Academia, Civil society, Media & journalism

Enrolled in Master studies and former student representative at University of Rijeka. Has experience in debate mentoring, radio and tourism journalism, and organizing case studies and student events. Interested in decision-making.

Dragana Spasovska
The former Yugoslav Repubic of Macedonia - Business/private sector, Technical community

8 years of experience in the IT industry, with the focus on e-Government and e-Democracy solutions. Project Management Professional. Chevening Scholar. Former director of the e-Democracy Conference. ICT4D enthusiast and citizen participation advocate. Currently working in business development of smart city solutions.

Sanja Simonova
The former Yugoslav Repubic of Macedonia - Academia, Civil society, Technical community

Employed by Macedonian Academic Research Network – MARnet since 2013 as an Advisor for performing operations with ccTLD and IDN ccTLD domains, supervision of the DNS system, and customer support. Member of the team that implements the GIS system of MARnet. Responsible for the part of international cooperation and memberships of MARnet. Founding member of IGF MKD. Areas of interest: almost all outdoor sports and activities. I love spending time in nature, hiking, and cycling. Vegetarian. Big lover of martial arts.

Ioana Codina Sabau
Romania - Academia, Business/private sector

A PhD Student at Babes-Bolyai University, College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences from Cluj-Napoca, and marketing manager at ODAS GLOBAL CONSULTING LTD. Graduated from Babes-Bolyai University in Communication Sciences and two master degrees in Media society and International communication. In the last 7 years, Codina developed a strong sense of devotion for nonprofit sector, and currently she is Vice-president of Organization for the Business Development in Society and Deputy manager of Discover Transylvania`s Reaches Cluster. With a strong blend of education, passion and devotion, she is focused on targeted and efficient results. Her dynamic leadership and passion for internal and external communication helped her become a stronger manager and leader.

Nataša Glavor

Data analyst in CARNet. Holds B.Sc in mathematics and computer science. She was responsible for service development in CARNet and she introduced security mechanisms and controls into CARNet services as an integral part of the service development cycle. Her department was responsible for the e-Register services widely used by over 500 schools across Croatia. She was a member of the National e-Citizens project and coordinator of the CARNet participation in the cross-border enhancement of the Croatian e-Citizens platform and a member of the team drafting a National law on information security. Currently, she coordinates Croatian Internet Governance Forum, and deals with the opportunities open data can bring to the society. Program chair of the CARNet Users Conference CUC 2017 that promotes and explore the adequate means and methods to implement technology into educational process, ensuring pedagogy first principle. With 17 years of experience in fields of computer, network, and information security, service development, ccTLD management, project management, leading various in-company and external teams.

Andrija Sagic
Serbia - Civil society, Technical community

Head of Digitization Department at “Milutin Bojić” Library, Belgrade. Philosopher, Digital Humanist, Certified Linux System Administrator and OpenSource developer. As a Head of Digitization Department in library works on implementation and development of FOSS tools for libraries, oversees a process of digitization, system and network administrator. As a professional artist he is active as interpreter of Medieval and Contemporary Music.

Nikola Mitev
The former Yugoslav Repubic of Macedonia - Government

30 year old from the Republic of Macedonia, city Sveti Nikole. Works as a Public prosecutor officer in Basic public prosecutor’s ofiice in Sveti Nikole for 7 years now. Graduated at the Faculty of Law in Sveti Kiril and Metodij Univesristy in Skopje, and Postgraduated at the same Faculty on Business Law, Economic crime.

* This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo Declaration of Independence

** Including students